10 Tips You Need To Know About Using This Site!

Here is some very important info to help you navigate this blog and get you started.

1.)There are a variety of page sizes. Please make sure when choosing what you want to download, you are choosing the correct paper sizes you need.
2.)For individual pages or paper, just right click on the image and save to your computer.
3.)To OPEN Kits & Embellishment Packs:
These will be in .zip files, which is like a zipped up
tote bag full of stuff. It is the way to send things together, instead of one at a time. To "unzip",
right click on the file. Some computers have their own program to open (unzip) these files. Others, like mine, do not.
Here is a good website to download that will open the zip files.
I have no affiliation with them.

4.)To download the kits and embellishment packs, the link will take you to "4shared" website, which is where digiscrap blogs store our files. It is a safe site.
After I create something, I upload it to 4share, where it is stored for you to be downloaded. It is a free site and you will not have to register or sign up.
5.) Because "4Shared" is a free site, I will sometimes run out of storage space, so some older, larger files will be removed by me, in order to add new kits, etc. So if you see it, get it fast!
6.)Please leave a comment and your ideas for future pages. To leave a comment, just click on " Links to this post" after each post. DO NOT leave the comment at 4shared. I don't get them.
7.)Check by often to see our newest freebies.

8.)Make sure you save to the correct size that you need for your particular book. Each image is for a particular size page. You can resize on Gimp, Photoshop, Paint.net, etc.
9.)If you use my images, please credit me back, and if you share, please LINK BACK to this site. Do not claim the work as your own.
10.) PLEASE scroll all the way to the end of the blog. I have sponsors throughout the blog.
I am only able to create and offer free if my
ads are visited by my readers. I have personally
chosen only reputable, safe companies who will not give you any spam, virus, phishing problems,etc when you click their ad.
  Each company offers a coupon or discount, but use them quickly because of expiration dates!

Here is where you can download GIMP. It is a free, reliable program that is very close to Photoshop.
You can find all kinds of brushes and patterns to add to GIMP at:
Here is where you can download the free paint program, http://www.getpaint.net

Just click on each link (title)to go to the site.

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