Legal Info That I Learned About Blogs

If for some reason we are not what you expected, or  loss or damage has occurred to yourself or property from participating in the freebies/discounts, or for some reason you didn't receive your downloads, etc then just remember that isn't held legally responsible for any of the above for any reason. is also not responsible for any of my affiliates or advertiser claims. 
Because I could not control what certain companies that place random ads on a website could advertise, I will never host them on my site.
I strive to only have the most reputable companies displayed on my blog.
I have personally purchased and continue to do so, from any and all companies that are here.
 I base my opinion of any company or its products based on MY purchase and/or dealings with said company.
My opinions are my opinions, so please remember to use your OWN discretion when purchasing from any company affiliated with this or any website or blog. 
Before you use any digiscrap supplies of mine, please be sure that your computer/program has downloaded said  supplies in the same way and/or resolution that it was created in and intended to be used for...
( as in 300dpi, to be printable)
Thank you so much for your time.

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