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1) Please enjoy the blog but please read on...
2) Please comment on these pages, not the 4shared site that you will download from. Once I send my files to them I don't go back till next time. And I have missed some questions from y'all that were asked there instead of here. When you use our images, we would love to see your finished product. For this purpose, my email address is
If it looks like spam I will not open the email.
3)You will have the opportunity for your work to be published on this blog if you ask,and it is accepted  or if you are invited. (My accepting your work will not be judged by your talent but by content. Every scrapper is talented) PLEASE SEND ME YOUR LAYOUTS!!! If you send a layout to my email address, type in "My Layout for DPP" in the subject line.
4) Please read or at least skim over the other pages of the blog. There are all kinds of hidden gems and info tips and help.
5)At present, I do not send out a newsletter, so you will not be getting spammed.
I don't know you or your info, I would not even know how to collect your personal info, and I wouldn't want anyone to have mine either.
A girl's gotta be careful.
6) Check back a whole lot! I will usually have something new!
7)You will not be charged as long as I can do it this way. And unlike some other sights,again,
I have no hidden ways to collect and sell your info.
8) This blog has many pages and tons of archived posts that are still available to download. Sometimes, if it is a single page, you only have to right click and save to your computer.
9) Kits are in zip files on the 4Shared website for safety. You do not have to register with them to download my files.

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