Some Thoughts and Advice

Some Thoughts and Advice

  I have been thinking about some of the great comments I've received about my work and some of you have asked for advice.  

1) We all digiscrap now a days; It's a lot less expensive and time consuming than the old paper and glue way and having the expense of buying film and getting it developed. My first piece of advice is to make sure if you just might ever one day want to hold that book in your hands that everything is 300dpi. I know plenty of people who, intending to digiscrap for viewing and saving on the computer only, who later want a concrete piece (the book) that can be saved and looked at for generations to come, only to realize that the "books" they created in 72dpi to share online with friends and family, are resolutions that won't print well. 

It costs nothing to use the right resolutions in the long run. Anything you find on my site will be printable at  a high resolution. I have used other blog's supplies before only to be told they will not print well. (Thanks to Nelson, at Picaboo, who noticed) So in that instance I had time  to go back and add resolution to the pieces I needed.  Now, if I use someone else's kit on a personal book, I make sure the resolutions are correct before I begin. And the same goes for cards,calendars,etc, 300dpi

2)Take advantage of some of the companies that make the books by registering with all of them to receive great discounts and sometimes free books. Become their fan on FaceBook, too. The give a ways are frequent there! Picaboo is my personal favorite because on not just their superior software, but even better customer service ! I have 2 grown daughters. I realized after my own parents passed away that my sister and I both wanted a lot of the same photos. We spent a fortune printing good copies of everything. Now I make a book and try my best to buy 2, one for each daughter. 

I am always scrounging and begging for coupons and codes, lol

I also create books for other people for a fee. I put such time and effort into these books that I don't think I could ever make real money doing it.But it will be easy for you , with our kits ,ready to 

 3)Last but not least, make your scrapbook or photo book your own style ! 

     I, for one, have a style all my own.  My books are my creation, and  the people who see them can tell who created them. I sometimes love an "over the top" look. You might like a simple page, letting the photo be the main focus. Still others will do a replica of a scrapbook that they have done in paper.  

Whatever is your style, make it yours ! 


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